Wonton Quiche Minis by Trisha from New Mexico

Ready to mix it up? Trisha from Nevada brings us traditional quiche from France by way of the Far East! Wonton Quiche Minis are finger foods wrapped in crispy wonton wrappers that taste sensational.

When Trisha’s big sister entered dietetics, she thought her younger sibling would be a natural for the field. She convinced Trisha to enroll in a basic nutrition class and Trisha reports, “I liked it so much I changed my major.” Originally from Warrensburg, Missouri, Trisha attended Central Missouri State University (now called University of Central Missouri) and interned at Iowa State University. After working in a hospital for two years, Trisha was drawn to the renal field because of the opportunity to know patients better and build rapport.

“The most challenging aspect of my job is continually working with patients on improving lab outcomes. But my reward comes when I get to present a good report card to patients who have been working hard to improve labs. I think I make a difference in patients’ lives by helping them identify changes they can make to feel better and get more out of life.” Trish believes, “The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is exercise!”

Trisha describes her approach as, “…trying to be personable and see things through their eyes, I ask how they are, what they’ve been doing and really listen to what they say. In general, they like to have fun and joke around, and I enjoy it too. I always try to find time to sit and visit while they are in the waiting room. I’ve found they are more at ease and open to discussion, which helps build rapport.”

Trisha has been with DaVita for six months and reports that the area has lots of history and culture. “My center is situated on the Navajo Reservation. I enjoy how the center focuses on constantly improving patient care and having fun at the same time. I respect how committed DaVita and my teammates are to our patients.”

Trisha’s Wonton Quiche Minis are a little burst of flavor wrapped in a wonton wrapper. They taste great served as a snack or appetizer. Go ahead and enjoy!










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