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“I learned early on what an impact nutrition plays in a person’s health,” said Yvette, a DaVita dietitian from Texas. That knowledge motivated Yvette to become a dietitian and help people achieve better health through nutrition.

Featured on the new “DaVita Living Life” video, Yvette demonstrates how to cook tasty foods that fit into the dialysis, diabetic dialysis and CKD non-dialysis diets. The purpose of the video is to provide education on topics that are of interest to people with chronic kidney disease. It will be available for viewing at DaVita Dialysis Centers in October. The first episode is about dietary management, a subject Yvette knows a lot about.

A native of El Paso, Texas, Yvette graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and for the past two years has worked at two different DaVita facilities in her home state. “We have two great teams in place,” Yvette says about her centers. “The emphasis on integrity, accountability and clinical excellence makes DaVita one of the best places I have ever worked,” she said.

Yvette appreciates the opportunity she has to make a difference in her patients’ lives. “I try to listen and respond individually and uniquely to a patients’ needs,” she said. Being a renal dietitian has challenges and rewards. Yvette commented that the most challenging aspect of her job is, “Motivating patients who seem not to care.” She said she is most rewarded when she, “Truly befriends patients.” Yvette added, “I work in small rural locations where I have met some special patients.” She shared a story about one of those patients. “I have a dear patient who is very faithful to his diet. His labs are usually very good. He plants a large garden every year and includes many vegetables he cannot eat. He does this so that he can share them with people who can use them. He derives a lot of joy from giving. He is a real example to me of a life lived well,” said Yvette.

Following the example of her patients, Yvette joyfully shares delicious recipes appropriate for the dialysis diet.

Recipes by Yvette

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