Valentine’s Breakfast Eggs by Susan from Texas

The tastes and textures of Texan cuisine come naturally to DaVita dietitian Susan, who is originally a native of Southern California, with Mexican heritage. Her recipe for Valentine’s Breakfast Eggs combines the traditional American breakfast egg with a Tex-Mex tortilla and green onions. It has a satisfying crunch while enhancing the delicate flavor of the eggs—kids especially love this one.

Susan married, and moved to Texas after schooling at the University of California, Berkeley. She was always interested in science and chemistry, but wanted a career that would allow her to be involved with people and promoting good health every day.

While working as a temporary dietitian at a stomach-stapling hospital, a friend suggested she come to work at DaVita as a renal dietitian. Susan says of being a renal dietitian, “The challenging part of my job is working with folks who sometimes don’t feel well.  But 99% of the time, my patients still talk to me and I can make them smile or laugh. That’s the best part of working in dialysis. The patients are the best! I love getting to know them and making them feel special. They give me the energy I need to do a good job.”

“I have found that listening to my patients and responding to them in a positive way is a tool with surprising power, even if it means just holding their hand because something has upset them recently in their life. One of my most inspiring patients got a transplant about a year ago, but he still inspires me to this day. A quadriplegic on dialysis, he mostly communicated through writing.  Whenever he sensed I was having a rough day, he would put his hand up to his shoulder and make an action like he was wiping something off. It was his way of saying, ‘Just let it slide, Susan. Just brush it off.’  It would stop me in my tracks, because here was a young guy, quadriplegic from an accident, on dialysis, comforting me. And he would do it on a regular basis. Wow. I would have to let whatever was bothering me go, and take a moment to be grateful to workwith such an amazing guy.”

Susan describes her center as having a “small-town feel” but she adds that Dallas is only an hour-and-a-half away, so big city entertainment like shopping or going to the opera are close by. Great people and a beautiful landscape, yet affordable living, make her area a great place to live and work. Susan concludes by saying, “I consider it an honor to be able to come to work every day and interact with my patients and teammates. I love being a dietitian at DaVita and I love working with my patients, my teammates and my doctors.“

Try Susan’s recipe for Valentine’s Breakfast Eggs and bring the taste of Tex-Mex to your morning table.



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