Apple Cider Beef Stew by Elizabeth G. from Pennsylvania

People have been cooking up stews for hundreds of years, and with good reason: A stew is a satisfying blend of hearty meat and fresh veggies that’s hard to beat. Today’s cook can prepare stew quickly and easily with the help of a slow cooker. This recipe for Apple Cider Beef Stew from DaVita dietitian Elizabeth from Pennsylvania is perfect for anyone following a kidney-friendly diet. That means, it’s a win-win-win meal: easy, delicious and just right for the entire family!

DaVita dietitian Elizabeth hails from Adamstown, Pennsylvania, and works at the DaVita center in Stevens. The wife of one of her patients passed on this recipe for delicious Apple Cider Beef Stew.

When asked about her career in dietetics, Elizabeth says it was a family member who first got her interested. “I have a cousin I look up to who is an RD,” she explains. Elizabeth studied dietetics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. And then, because she wanted to specialize, she decided to put her skills to use in the renal field.

Although as a renal dietitian, it can be challenging to convince her patients that poor lab values result in poor outcomes, Elizabeth says that it’s also rewarding to help new patients discover that there really are delicious foods they can eat on a renal diet.

“What I enjoy most about working with my patients is listening to them and getting to know them more closely. The dialysis clinic becomes family for many people,” Elizabeth says.

To connect with her patients, this DaVita dietitian uses the personal approach. “I try to be empathetic and see things from their perspective,” Elizabeth explains. “I try to individualize each patient’s diet to make it fit their lifestyle.”

Good communication is vital for good results. “The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is to listen to their healthcare team,” Elizabeth affirms.

Sometimes a light approach to a serious topic can be very effective, as Elizabeth and her DaVita teammates have found. “We were doing a pumpkin bulletin board for the fall that the patients seem to enjoy,” says Elizabeth. “Every good phosphorus gets them a pumpkin, and after three months, we blindfold someone and have them pull a pumpkin off the board for a grand prize.”

Elizabeth has been with DaVita for 14 years and likes the opportunities her job offers to network with other renal dietitians. In the small farming community where she works, the dialysis center is a tightly knit group. “Everyone is like family,” Elizabeth states. “Many of the patients have become very close.”

Why not consider treating your own family to Elizabeth’s recipe for Apple Cider Beef Stew? It’s the renal-friendly meal that’s economical, easy to make and simply delicious!


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