Hot Apple Cider by

Sharon from Kentucky

While the rest of us were busy snacking on junk food, Sharon actually turned her teenage focus on something good. “I’ve been fascinated with the role of nutrition in health, fitness and disease prevention ever since high school,” Sharon explains. “I was originally a journalism major in college but decided to go into dietetics after taking a general studies nutrition course. This professor was awesome and I was hooked.” Sharon received her bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois and then completed her graduate work at Western Kentucky University. Since then, her greatest joy has come from working with her patients at her DaVita center in Kentucky.

“The people here make the center special,” Sharon says. “I try to connect with them on a personal level and show that I care about them. Finding some common ground helps facilitate the education process and build trust.”

Along with trust, Sharon also believes a little fun goes a long way. “One year, at Halloween, I dressed up as a witch and went all out with the costume, so I was a pretty good one,” remembers. “As I was rounding to see my patients, one of them, who had been sleeping, suddenly woke up and said ‘Oh, my, it’s the devil!’ It took a few minutes for her to wake up and realize it was just me dressed up. We had a good laugh.” And just as laughter is the best medicine,

Sharon ’s Hot Apple Cider is the best hot beverage around. Find out for yourself.


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