Amazing Crab Cakes by Angel from Florida

Instead of the usual red meat or chicken entrée for dinner, why not try fresh seafood for a change? It’s a healthy and scrumptious alternative! This recipe from DaVita dietitian Angel makes it easy to turn fresh crab into an entrée that will draw rave reviews from your family while still fitting into the kidney diet. 

Living in Florida where blue crabs are plentiful, it’s no wonder that Angel recommends using blue crab meat for this tantalizing meal. But if blue crab is not available where you live, feel free to substitute another type of fresh crab. 

Born in Shanghai, China, Angel grew up in Hong Kong. When she was 19, her family relocated to the United States. Angel attended the University of Hawaii and Florida State University before completing a Master’s in Science at the University of Florida. 

When asked why she became a dietitian, Angel responds: “Nutrition is interesting and has such practical applications to everyday life!” She says she chose the renal field, because she “enjoyed the outpatient clinic setting and something challenging.” 

Her job gives Angel the opportunity to get to know her patients and to build professional relationships with them. The challenge of being a renal dietitian, she says, is “motivating patients to do the right thing for their health every day.” 

When working with patients, this DaVita dietitian’s approach is one of sharing and caring. “I let them understand I care about them, and that is the motivation behind the education to help them do the best for their health,” she explains. “And I never give up on them.” 

Angel strives to make a difference in patients’ lives by improving their health and quality of life. It’s not an easy job, but it is satisfying to make a difference. When asked about the most rewarding aspect of her job, Angel related that it is “experiencing the positive impact you are having on the patient’s everyday lives.”

While supporting her patients, Angel encourages them to help themselves. And what is the single most important thing patients can do to improve their health? “Be proactive,” Angel states. To encourage patients’ good health habits, Angel and the other DaVita dietitians get creative. One helpful tool they use is sharing phosphorus lab results on a weekly basis to let patients know how they are doing and what impact their behavior has on their health. 

Working at two DaVita centers in Saint Petersburg, Florida, Angel likes the “teamwork, focus on outcomes and fun!” In the two years she’s been with DaVita, the most surprising thing she’s learned is that DaVita has the patients’ best interest at the heart of the company. “I work with a great group of health care providers,” Angel says. “Their care and concern about our patients show every day!” 

Her coastal workplace in the Sunshine State is an added bonus for Angel. She says she loves “the beautiful weather and beaches.” She also likes the area’s small town charm and big-city activities. 

Take a cue from DaVita dietitian Angel and revive a tired menu with Amazing Crab Cakes. This is the kidney-friendly entrée that’s special enough for company. Mother Nature supplies the heart of the meal, with delicious low-carb, low-fat crab meat. One taste, and you’re sure to be hooked! 


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