Vanilla Lasagna by Krissy from Illinois

For some folks the best part of a meal is dessertnd for them, DaVita renal dietitian Krissy from Illinois shares a sweet and creamy dessert that's sure to satisfy. Her Vanilla Lasagna bears no resemblance to the Italian dish. This one’s all about the delicious contrast of crisp and crunchy graham crackers with smooth and luscious vanilla pudding. If you’ve got a dessert lover in your home who’s also following a kidney-friendly diet, Vanilla Lasagna is the ideal way to top off your next meal. 

DaVita dietitian Krissy is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, who studied at Southeast Missouri State University. When asked how she came to work as a dietitian, Krissy replies, “I have always been interested in eating well and making healthy choices.” It was during adietetic internship that Krissy first became interested in the renal field. 

Today Krissy works at a DaVita dialysis center in Illinois. What does she find to be challenging about her work? “The size of my unit: We have165 in-center hemodialysis patients, 19 peritoneal dialysis patients and 5 home hemodialysis patients,” explains Krissy. 

Even with all the challenges that a large dialysis center presents, Krissy finds her work to be very satisfying. “The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing my patients make changes that can really be sustained and impact their health,” Krissy says. 

Krissy gives a lot of herself to her patients, always offering them assistance and encouragement. “To make a difference in patients’ lives, I strive to be supportive and not judgmental,” states Krissy. “What I enjoy most about working with my patients is the chance to build relationships with them.” 

This dedicated dietitian describes her approach to working with patients as adult-centered learning. One thing she emphasizes is a proactive role for patients. “The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is to be adherent to their medications and treatments,” asserts Krissy.

Although kidney disease is a serious issue, Krissy’s approach to learning often includes a touch of fun. “Games tend to motivate patients into making changes to their dietary habits,” she explains. 

A member of the DaVita team for more than five years now, what Krissy most enjoys about working for DaVita is her teammates. “There has been great retention of the teammates here, and it truly is like a family,” says Krissy. 

Being a renal dietitian requires life-long learning. “I feel that I have learned so much medically, and not just renal-related medicine,” Krissy explains. “There are great doctors that I work with who are eager to spread their knowledge.” 

One thing we’ve learned from DaVita dietitian Krissy is that dessert can fit into a kidney-friendly diet so that no one has to go without that special something sweet. For eons, people have enjoyed creamy, luscious pudding. In fact, today’s pudding dishes date back to the custard dishes of the Middle Ages. Now you can experience a different take on pudding, thanks to Krissy’s recipe for Vanilla Lasagna. 


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