Green Beans a la Roast by Brady from Ohio 

We all know that vegetables are good for us, but they’re not something we tend to rave about. All that’s about to change, thanks to Green Beans a la Roast from DaVita renal dietitian Brady from Ohio. Her simple recipe uses only three ingredients, but thanks to oven roasting, green beans come out of the oven roasted to perfection and simply delicious. 

DaVita dietitian Brady discovered the field of dietetics while just a teenager. “My 10th grade geometry teacher in high school often talked about her niece who was a dietitian,” she recalls. “It sounded so exciting!” Brady got interested in the renal field when a friend who was a renal dietitian told her about her work. “Her enthusiasm was contagious,” Brady explains. 

A native of the Philadelphia area, Brady received her degree from Misericordia University in Dallas, Pennsylvania. Today she splits her time between three different DaVita centers in Ohio: Dover, Canton and Louisville. “I like traveling to three locations,” Brady explains. “Each day is different.”

Each center is different too. “Dover is a new unit. Patients are enthusiastic about the layout, including windows and state-of-the-art equipment,” explains Brady. “Also, we have enthusiastic teammates. In Louisville and Canton, patients receive dialysis right in the extended care facility where they reside. They do not have to leave the building.” 

While her working environment may change, one thing stays the same: Brady loves working with her patients and learning about their lives. Her approach revolves around being an active listener, and her patients appreciate Brady’s care and attention. In fact, one individual paid Brady a real tribute: “A patient named his dog after me!” she exclaims. 

The most challenging aspect of her job, Brady reports, is dealing with all of the paperwork that goes along with being a renal dietitian. Her biggest reward from her work? “A smile on the face of a patient or caregiver,” Brady says. 

Knowledge truly is power, and one thing this DaVita renal dietitian teaches her patients is self-empowerment. “The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is to be an active part of the team, ask questions and learn everything they can about their treatment plan,” states Brady. 

Getting patients to understand and follow their eating plans can take some creative effort on the part of the DaVita renal dietitians. One approach Brady’s found to be effective and popular with patients is Phosphorus Bingo. It’s a fun way for patients to learn about the ways in which phosphorus impacts their health. 

A DaVita employee since 2009, Brady is enthusiastic about the support that the company’s dietitian team provides. “We have great patient education handouts!” she says. 

You’ll be enthusiastic about Brady’s recipe for Green Beans a la Roast. Memorable, mouth-watering and nutritious, these green beans are a whole new take on veggies! 


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