High-Protein Cookies by Amy from Texas 

Amy’s High-Protein Cookies do double-duty as a nutritious snack. First, they utilize oatmeal, which has proven helpful with cholesterol control. Second, Amy’s recipe calls for high-protein powder, which renal patients may need more of, since some protein is lost during dialysis treatments. All in all, High-Protein Cookies deliver double benefits on the nutrition front!

After high school, Amy worked in hospital food service, and decided she wanted to be like the dietitians there. Originally from Houston, Texas, Amy went on to study at the University of Houston and Texas A & M University. “I was recruited from long term care into the renal field,” she says. 

Even after five and a half years working at DaVita, Amy admits that keeping up with the extraordinary demands of health care paperwork is one of the greatest challenges of her career. The rewards are many, however, and “getting to know” patients as well as having an impact on their health and lives are high on her list of positives. What concerns many health care workers like Amy is the question of making a difference in patients’ lives—how does one go about achieving something so personal and so profound? “Education and friendship,” says Amy. This simple answer makes a lot of sense. When a dietitian has the trust of a person, based in friendship, often they are more open to suggestions, or more willing to make a simple step along the road to better health. 

Is there a dietitian in the world who doesn’t enjoy working with people? If so, they don’t work at DaVita! Amy says that the thing she enjoys most about working at her center in Texas is “working with people.” “I visit every patient almost every day. I do one-on-one education frequently. The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health ismaintain an active lifestyle; a job or hobby.” There is no question that an active interest in things and mental stimulation, can positively impact an individual. Amy keeps patients current with their labs so they can know the latest changes or improvements in their own health. As the old saying goes; knowledge is power. 

Being part of a DaVita team is a very enjoyable experience according to Amy. “I find it valuable learning from other professionals.” The biggest surprise of all, however, was learning, “how hard it is to control phosphorus.” This is mainly because phosphorus is found in almost all foods, and kidneys compromised by renal disease are less able to eliminate the mineral, which means it builds up in the blood. Many patients find taking binders helps, which allows the phosphorus to be harmlessly eliminated. 

Amy’s center is located in Riverpark, Conroe, Texas. Conroe is a suburb located forty miles north of Houston in the gulf-coastal plains/piney woods area. 

High-Protein Cookies are a great snack choice whether you like ‘em soft or crunchy. Take your pick! Amy’s cookies provide the extra nutrition dietitians love to see patients incorporate into their food plans. The recipe makes 24 cookies. If you don’t need them all at once, freeze some for a later treat. 


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