Ziptop Omelet by Kathryn from Tennessee

Thanks to renal dietitian Kathryn from Tennessee, it’s ultra-easy to make a kidney-friendly omelet in just a few minutes. You only need a little help from the ziptop bags you have in your pantry. Simply drop your eggs in a bag, give the bag a shake, add veggies, shake one more time, and you’re ready to pop the bag into boiling water to cook. It really couldn’t be any simpler than that to serve your family delicious omelets in a snap! 

Kathryn is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, and earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Memphis. She tells us she became a dietitian, because “I have always been interested in food and wanted to know more about food and disease prevention.” 

Kathryn held other positions before entering the renal field. “I originally started off working in pediatrics, then worked for an electronic medical record company before starting my career in renal,” explains Kathryn. 

One of the biggest challenges that Kathryn faces every day as a DaVita renal dietitian is getting her patients with kidney disease to change their eating habits. When asked how she makes a difference in her patients’ lives, Kathryn said with a laugh, “I hope by education, although sometimes at work, I feel like a nagging wife.” 

For this renal dietitian, the most rewarding aspect of her job is “earning patients’ trust and seeing them take my advice to make a positive change in their diets.” And although Kathryn takes her work seriously, what she enjoys most about working with her patients is “making them laugh if I can,” she explains. 

She also likes keeping in touch with those she helps and noting their progress. “When patients get a transplant, it is very rewarding. I always appreciate a phone call post-transplant when a former patient tells me what all they are eating after receiving their transplanted kidney,” Kathryn relates. 

When asked about her approach to working with patients, Kathryn replies, “As my medical director states ‘Kathryn dangles a carrot’ to help make a change.” 

It’s really all about empowering patients. That’s why Kathryn tells her patients that the single most important thing they can do is “to make a decision to take charge of their health.” 

One tool that Kathryn has found to be effective when working with her patients is a phosphorus contest. “It helped motivate the patients to lower their phosphorus levels,” Kathryn says. “I even had several shouting across the clinic, because the patients wanted to see who had the lower phosphorus level.” 

Kathryn joined DaVita in 2009 and works in one of their Memphis clinics, conveniently located just 2 miles from her home. “We have one of the largest clinics in the city,” she explains. “We have a professional evening shift and a nocturnal shift at this location.” 

Teamwork is one thing Kathryn has found that she really appreciates about her center. She also likes seeing how caring the patients can be to one another. When asked about what she’s learned since joining DaVita, she replies that she’s been surprised to learn the amount of phosphorus additives in our food supply. 

The next time you’re making breakfast for yourself or your family, skip the usual scrambled eggs and try Kathryn’s recipe for Ziptop Omelets. Because you make each one individually, each person at the table can choose exactly the ingredients they’d like in their omelet. For breakfast or a light supper, you’ll find that kidney-friendly Ziptop Omelets are a simple, quick and delicious choice.


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