French Toast with Cream Cheese and Applesauce Filling by Angela from Tennessee

There’s no secret or complicated recipe needed to make delicious food. Simply use ingredients you like, find manageable recipes to prepare and then enjoy a lovely meal. Pork Chops with Cranberry Sauce is DaVita renal dietitian Angela’s winning recipe. It is quick, easy to make and packs a sweet and savory punch. The wife of one of Angela's patients came up with a scrumptious recipe idea and Angela acted on it. French Toast with Cream Cheese and Applesauce Filling is sure to become a brunch favorite at your house. 

Looking for ways to support kidney health while still enjoying life? Follow the wise advice of DaVita patients and “Listen to the Dietitian Lady.” Angela, a renal dietitian for two DaVita dialysis centers in west Tennessee, is serious about improving her patients’ health, but she also enjoys their silliness. “Despite my efforts trying to get my patients to recognize me as their health coach, they still address me as the Dietitian Lady.” Although her patients continue to use the nickname, they adore and respect Angela.

 Many dietitians have a love for food and science, but Angela found her true calling when she was introduced to the renal field. “While working at a large hospital on the renal floor, I came to realize how malnourished and nutritionally compromised dialysis patients were and the constant follow-up they needed from a dietitian.”

Angela jumped into her role at DaVita with enthusiasm and sensitivity, determined to help her patients eat better. “I listen first, then act. I realize what their goals are for themselves, not what my goals are for them. Build trust in your relationships with your patients and they will be apt to listen to you. I always have open ears and a smile,” shares Angela.

Angela’s natural insight helps guide her patients down a healthy nutritional path. “Each patient must eat right, of course, to improve their health,” says Angela. Motivating people to change old habits is impressive, and Angela and her staff always rise to the occasion. “Finding more time to do all the extra fun activities with the patients that help improve their outcomes is the most challenging aspect of my job,” shares Angela, adding, “Anytime I have held a cooking demonstration in the lobby of my dialysis centers, it has been a success. My patients or their spouses really did go home and try some of the recipes prepared.”

 The extra effort Angela makes for her patients is fun for everyone, and it has a huge impact. “I have also noticed improved albumin levels after we had a ‘Protein Power Day’, which emphasized high-protein recipes and a taste test of a variety of supplements. I think when we take the extra time to do special activities with our patients, they begin to realize that we really do care,” says Angela.

 Every victory Angela’s patients achieve is a reward for the entire DaVita staff. “There’s nothing greater than seeing a new patient actually begin feeling better after starting dialysis and, of course, when a patient does get a transplant.”

Working at DaVita has given Angela’s life an exciting new dimension. “I really enjoy getting to know my patients as people. I work at two dialysis centers. Many teammates at both clinics have worked with these patients for years. The patients and teammates really do start feeling like family. You won’t find any nicer, sweeter people than what you find in west Tennessee,” states Angela.

 Angela and her DaVita team inspire their patients to eat better and live healthier lifestyles. Simple and flavorful recipes make it easier for you and your family to eat well and enjoy food too. Try Angela’s Pork Chops with Cranberry Sauce for a tasty treat at dinner, or make any morning a special occasion with French Toast with Cream Cheese and Applesauce Filling.


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