Creamy Baked Fish and Carrot and Lemon Salad by Barbara from Arizona

We all know fish is good for us, but now we can add it to our list of favorite entrees, thanks to DaVita renal dietitian Barbara’s recipe for Creamy Baked Fish. The key to this yummy fish dish is the white sauce, a cinch to make from flour, butter, salt, pepper and nondairy creamer.

Barbara also shares her kidney-friendly recipe for Carrot and Lemon Salad. With just three ingredients, you can make a side dish that is sure to wake up your taste buds with its sweet and savory flavor. Barbara shows us just how easy it is to whip up kidney-healthy meals that are distinctive and delicious.

Both of Barbara’s recipes are family favorites, handed down from her mother’s Pennsylvania Dutch family. Barbara adapted the baked fish entrée by using nondairy creamer rather than milk so that it fits into the renal diet.

 A native of Bloomsburg in northeastern Pennsylvania, Barbara attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Today she works at the DaVita center in Chinle, Arizona.

 As a DaVita dietitian, Barbara makes a difference in patients' lives by "helping patients be informed and improve their overall health status and lifestyles." For Barbara, one of the joys of her work is "learning more about the Navajo Native American culture and traditions." She enjoys working one-on-one with patients and "getting to know them as people, not a patient number."

With her caring approach and good listening skills, Barbara strives to empower her patients. "The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is to be educated and aware," she explains.

 A relative newcomer to DaVita, Barbara has been with the DaVita team for a year. But already she appreciates the people with whom she collaborates. "What I enjoy about working for DaVita is working with great teammates and friendly patients," Barbara states.

The location of the DaVita center where Barbara works is special, she says, because it is on the Navajo Indian Reservation and is surrounded by the beautiful Arizona scenery. She lives near the clinic and loves seeing the free roaming cows and horses on the Reservation. But more than anything, this DaVita renal dietitian appreciates her colleagues, whom she calls “a warm and caring community of people.”

 The next time your family asks, What's for dinner? remember these two outstanding, kidney-healthy dishes from renal dietitian Barbara: Creamy Baked Fish, and Carrot and Lemon Salad. They're perfect for adding a little zip to meal time while still supporting kidney health for those on the renal diet.


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