Spicy Tenderloin Sub Sandwich by Chatura from Ohio 

There are times when an ordinary sandwich just won’t do. If you’re hankering for heartier fare, shake mealtime up with the delicious, kidney-friendly Spicy Tenderloin Sub Sandwich recipe shared by DaVita renal dietitian Chatura from Ohio. It begins with pork that’s been perfectly seasoned with a sweet and savory blend of garlic, red pepper, sugar and Mrs. Dash® herb seasoning, then roasted until tender. Once chilled, the pork is piled onto a baguette spread with mayo, and the meat is topped with a mixture of shredded carrot and radish that’s been marinated in rice wine vinegar, sugar and seasoning. The end result is a flavorful pork sandwich that can satisfy even the heartiest appetite while still fitting into the renal diet. 

Renal dietitian Chatura chose to become a dietitian, because it offered so much of what she was looking for. “I entered the dietetic profession, because it allowed me to incorporate things that I liked in a career, such as interaction with people, education and counseling and advocating for healthy habits and lifestyles,” she explains. 

A native of India, Chatura has been living in the United Sates for the past 25 years. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Mysore in India and her graduate education at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Currently Chatura resides in the Cleveland/Akron area of Ohio. 

Chatura chose to work in the renal field after her internship. “I had a very interesting and positive experience in my renal rotation during my internship which led me into the renal field,” she recalls. She currently works at the DaVita Center in Akron and says she makes a difference in patients’ lives by “trying to educate patients on the long-term benefits of making healthy dietary choices.” 

When asked about her approach to working with patients, Chatura described it as “very interactive and personalized. I encourage patients to come up with ideas and suggestions that will work for their particular situation.” 

Changing habits is the key to better health, Chatura says. “The most rewarding aspect of my job is when, due to your education efforts, patients make a positive change in their habits and lifestyles.” 

She goes on to say, “What I enjoy most about working with my patients is the opportunity to follow-up with them regarding education and their outcomes.” 

Her #1 tip for patients is to “get into the habit of drinking plain water.” 

“The most challenging aspect of my job,” Chatura says, “is working with patients with limited resources.” 

Renal dietitian Chatura will go out of her way to promote healthy eating with her DaVita dialysis patients. “During Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter, I wear a costume and pass out goody bags to patients filled with renal-friendly candy and snacks,” she explains. “Patients love the treats, but it also offers me the opportunity to educate them on healthy choices during these holidays.” 

After one year as a renal dietitian with DaVita, Chatura says she likes the support she receives from the company. “I enjoy the tremendous amount of resources that are available to me that I can utilize in my everyday practice,” she says. “I also like the fact that DaVita offers regular training sessions and keeps us abreast of new research or changes to policies and procedures.” 

The most surprising thing Chatura has learned since she started working at DaVita is “that despite being such a huge company, it still retains the charm and personal touch of a small company.” 

For Chatura, what makes her dialysis center special is “the wide range of demographic and ethnicity of the patient population.” 

But the building is special too. “One of the units that I work at is called the ‘fire station’.  The building that it is housed in used to be an actual fire station and still retains some of the iconic architectural characteristics of a fire station, including a fire pole right in the center of the treatment area!” 

Looking for a first-rate sandwich to satisfy your hunger for something out of the ordinary? Remember Chatura’s recipe for Spicy Tenderloin Sub Sandwich. It’s flavorful, filling and kidney-friendly too – everything you could hope for in a spicy pork sandwich! 


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