Café au Lait Protein Wake-Up and Durham Southern-Style Chicken Salad by Sue from North Carolina

Better than coffee, Café au Lait Protein Wake-Up is a kidney-friendly recipe developed by renal dietitian Sue from North Carolina based on one of her patient’s suggestion. It has the protein you need to keep going all morning long, plus the flavor you’ll love. Café au Lait Protein Wake-Up is a cinch to make from just 3 ingredients: protein powder, hot coffee and flavored coffee creamer. And it fits into the renal diet so everyone can enjoy it.

In addition to this tasty beverage, Sue shares her easy-to-fix recipe for Durham Southern-Style Chicken Salad. Simply mix cooked chicken, white onion, celery, mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar and sugar, and you’ll have an ideal chicken salad for filling sandwiches or serving over mixed greens for a memorable lunch.

A native of Chicago, Sue studied at Southern Illinois University and Marshall University. Today, she works at the DaVita clinic in Durham, North Carolina. When asked why she became a dietitian, Sue explains, “I always was interested in food and wanted to work in a healthcare setting, so it seemed like a natural fit.”

Sue chose the renal field after working in a hospital dialysis clinic. “I really enjoyed building long-term relationships with the patients,” states Sue. Her work at DaVita allows her to really get to know her dialysis patients. She loves hearing their stories and helping to support them as they work toward their health goals.

The most challenging aspect of Sue’s job is “finding the point of motivation for each patient.” She says she believes she makes a difference in patient’s lives by helping to make their lives more manageable.

This renal dietitian’s approach to her job begins with “starting where the patients are in their lives.”  When test results come back positive, it’s a satisfying moment for both Sue and the people she helps.

Ultimately, the keys to good health lie with the patients themselves. “The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is to take their meds consistently,” explains Sue.

After more than 4 years with DaVita, Sue says that what she enjoys most about the company is working with the patients and teammates. One thing she’s learned since joining DaVita is that “everybody can make progress toward their goals.”

Sometimes to promote good health, a dietitian needs to get a bit creative. Such is the case with Sue. “I dress up like a turkey before Thanksgiving and go around the clinic and give my ‘Turkey Talk’ about high-potassium foods,” Sue explains. “The patients laugh a lot, and I have fun getting my message across.”

Looking to start your day with a great-tasting beverage? Try Sue’s recipe for Café au Lait Protein Wake-Up. Hot or cold, it’s sure to become your go-to morning beverage. And for a filling and delicious lunch option, turn to Sue’s Durham Southern-Style Chicken Salad. Both recipes fit perfectly into the renal diet and are destined to become family favorites.


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