Apple Zucchini Bread by Brittany and Holly from Illinois

Apple Zucchini Bread features the perfect blending of brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla, making it the ideal finishing touch to any meal. Serve this versatile treat to guests with coffee or tea for a memorable afternoon snack. Whether your zucchini comes from your own garden or the supermarket, it will add just the right touch of moistness, while the apples and spices provide a nice, sweet flavor. Thanks to DaVita renal dietitians Brittany and Holly, Apple Zucchini Bread fits perfectly with the kidney and diabetes diets so everyone can enjoy this tasty dessert bread. 

Renal dietitian Brittany is a native of Waterloo, Illinois, and attended Missouri State University and Saint Louis University. Renal dietitian Holly comes from House Springs, Missouri, and went to school at Missouri State University and Southeast Missouri State University. Today they work together at DaVita’s Metro East clinic in Belleville, Illinois. 

Because it is crucial that those with kidney problems scrupulously adhere to the renal diet, dietitians Brittany and Holly are always looking for healthy, good-tasting recipes to share with their patients. “The most rewarding aspect of our job is helping patients improve their health through their diet,” Holly and Brittany say. “Following their diet is one of the most important things patients can do to improve their health,” they add.

Communicating with patients is at the core of all that these renal dietitians do. “What we enjoy most about working with our patients is the ongoing relationships we are able to form with them, allowing us to see the positive changes they achieve over time,” they explain. 

Newbies to DaVita, Brittany has been with company for 6 months and Holly for 2 years. They say they enjoy DaVita’s “team approach, networking opportunities among renal dietitians and the appreciation for each teammate.” 

Holly and Brittany tell us that their clinic is special. “Unlike most clinics, Metro East offers nocturnal dialysis as well as PD, HHD and in-center HD to approximately 200 patients.” Being part of the DaVita team allows Brittany and Holly daily opportunities to support the health of their renal patients. 

If you’re cooking for someone with kidney disease or diabetes, be sure to give our Apple Zucchini Bread recipe a try. Thanks to dietitians Holly and Brittany, it fits perfectly into the kidney diet while providing a moist, mouth-watering dessert or snack for your family and friends.


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