Creamy Vanilla Delight by Tiffany from Arizona

Thanks to DaVita renal dietitian Tiffany from Arizona, you and your family can enjoy a delicious, renal-friendly dessert that's a snap to make. Creamy Vanilla Delight is versatile too. By changing the flavor of pudding you use, you can make this super-creamy dessert in the flavor of your choice. 

DaVita dietitian Tiffany is from St. Louis, Missouri, and attended the University of Missouri-Columbia. When asked why she chose to become a dietitian, she replies, “I have always been interested in nutrition, and diabetes and heart disease run in my family, so I wanted to learn more about solutions.” 

Her relocation to Arizona led Tiffany into the renal field. “I moved to Yuma for my husband’s job, and I had an opportunity to learn more about dialysis,” says Tiffany. “I had always found the renal field both exciting and challenging.” 

The biggest challenge she faces daily, Tiffany explains, is “keeping patients motivated!” Tiffany knows that knowledge is the key to good health. “I usually educate them in a variety of ways -- mostly informally with pictures and sample diets,” she explains. “The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is to learn! The more they know about their diet and their condition, the better choices they can make!” 

There are many rewards to being a renal dietitian. For Tiffany, the best aspect of her job is “getting to know my patients, and seeing them every week!” Learning is a two-way street for Tiffany and her patients. “I always learn something from them – weight loss and diet tips, life lessons,” remarks Tiffany. 

Tiffany makes a difference in patients’ lives by giving them the tools they need to succeed. “I try to help them with the little things -- providing recipes, listening to their struggles, that kind of thing,” she explains.

Becoming an informed patient can be enjoyable when you’ve got a creative renal dietitian like Tiffany by your side. “We play bingo, and also have protein shakes in the middle of the month,” relates Tiffany. 

Tiffany has been with DaVita for 5 years and works at the DaVita center in Yuma, Arizona. She enjoys Yuma, because, she says with a smile, “It never snows!” Tiffany tells us that her center is special because “everyone helps each other – truly. I enjoy the teammate camaraderie and education material available on the Village Web.” 

The most surprising thing Tiffany has learned since she started working at DaVita is “that the diabetic diet is slightly conflicted with the renal diet.” 

All-in-all, this renal dietitian is very happy in her work. “I love the teammates and patients!” exclaims Tiffany. 

For a dessert recipe you’ll love – and will be excited to share with your family and friends – give Tiffany’s luscious Creamy Vanilla Delight a try.  


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