Jell-O® Icy by Kara from Michigan

DaVita dietitian Kara from Michigan tells us that she has always been interested in the renal area of her profession. So when she was ready for a job change and a renal dietitian position became available, she took it. Kara states, “Fifteen years later and I am still enjoying this area of practice.”

A Michigan native, Kara attended Michigan State University for her undergraduate degree and then headed to Nashville, Tennessee for her dietetic internship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Kara returned to her home state to attend graduate school at Central Michigan University and now enjoys working near her home and family. 

Kara describes her approach with her renal patients as, “gentle, but informative.” She balances her time between clinics providing guidance to her dialysis patients. One of the most important things Kara says to her patients is: “be accountable to yourself.” Kara believes that patients can improve their health when they are accountable and honest with themselves. She is most rewarded when she sees the positive impact that following the renal diet has on her patients’ health. 

“Getting to know patients on a personal level and being able to help them live healthier is the most rewarding part of my job,” shares Kara, adding, “I hope that I am able to make a difference in my patients’ lives by providing them with the education they need to be successful at managing their health.” Kara believes in empowering dialysis patients to seek information and material that applies to their lives and says,“ has been an example of a resourceful tool that I encourage patients to utilize.” 

Now Kara can share her recipe with all of her patients by directing them to Kara’s patient, Connie, created Jell-O® Icyto share with fellow dialysis patients and, because the recipe calls for sugar-free Jell-O, it works on the diabetes diet as well. 


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