Quick and Easy Stir-Fry Chicken by Samantha from Pennsylvania

Samantha from Pennsylvania became a dietitian because she likes talking about food, recipes and healthy living. Samantha reports, “I enjoy helping others reach their health goals by educating on healthy eating, portion sizes, label reading and more.” Naturally, being a renal dietitian is a perfect career fit that offers Samantha everything she wants to do. “I was led into the renal field because I wanted to focus my scope on nutrition. I was particularly interested in working with dialysis patients because it allows me practice my nutritional counseling skills as well as my clinical skills,” says Samantha.

Like any job, being a renal dietitian has its challenges as well as rewards. Being new to her job, Samantha has patients who have been on dialysis longer than she's been a dietitian. Samantha has learned to be more creative to motivate and educate these long-time dialysis patients by remaining positive about the dialysis diet.

Building relationships with patients also helps Samantha successfully guide them to achieve their nutritional goals. “I enjoy learning from patients. They have wonderful insight into kidney disease and I look forward to learning more through their eyes,” states Samantha. She also encourages patients with good lab results by, in her words, “Making a very big deal about it!”

Samantha appreciates that working at DaVita is very team oriented. “My teammates are awesome! They are motivated, helpful, understanding and hardworking,” Samantha reports. Another special aspect of her dialysis center is that the team is in a new facility. “We have the opportunity of setting the precedence for years to come,” says Samantha.

Whether you use chopsticks or a fork to enjoy Samantha’s Quick and Easy Chicken Stir-Fry is up to you, but know that you’ll find it delicious and likely add it to your weekly menus. The tender chicken, tasty sauce and crunchy broccoli slaw—a mix of broccoli, carrots and red cabbage that you can find with the bagged salads in your grocers’ produce section—creates a pleasing taste and texture sensation and, best of all, is renal-diet friendly.


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