Winter Holiday Cranberry-Glazed Pork Roast and Gingerbread Apple Cobbler by Judy from Pennsylvania

You may think that a renal dietitian who provides four salad dressing recipes wants to push “rabbit food” on her patients, but that wouldn’t be Judy from Pennsylvania. Judy owned and operated her own personal chef service and served as a consultant in two local grocery stores doing cooking demonstrations for a time because as she says, “Food is my passion!” 

Judy says the most rewarding aspect of her job is, “helping people make kidney-friendly food choices without feeling deprived of enjoying good food.” Renal dietitians enjoy making a difference in their patients’ lives. Counseling patients to help them achieve good lab results and feel better is rewarding, plus Judy states, “If my patients can still enjoy eating, then I’ve made a difference. Eating should not have to be a chore or something that adds another restriction to life.” 

Many dietitians have personal reasons for choosing their professions, and that is the case for Judy who decided to become a dietitian in high school when her father went into the hospital for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This event showed Judy how a dietitian can impact the quality of life for many people and how food affects health. 

Judy created a recipe collection for called Delectable Salad Dressings for Kidney Diets. She provides an array of flavors to perk up a side salad or create an entrée. Judy doesn’t mind choosing favorites, as you’ll notice with her well-named recipe Judy’s Favorite Raspberry Vinaigrette. Not in the mood for a fruity dressing? Choose from Dijon Dressing, Honey Chive Dressing and Lime Caribbean Dressing. These homemade dressings can be made fresh and taste so much better than store-bought brands that are high in sodium, sugar and contain a long list of ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. 

If you enjoy the flavor of gingerbread, you’re in for a real treat with Judy’s recipe for Gingerbread Apple Cobbler—a fall and winter treat for sure, plus a great way to get a serving of fruit into your diet. Those who have diabetes can enjoy in moderation by replacing regular sugars with sugar substitutes to reduce carbohydrates. 

In her spirit of giving, Judy has provided us with her latest recipe, Winter Holiday Cranberry-Glazed Pork Roast, a flavorful choice for a holiday meal entrée. 

Judy loves food, her patients and having fun as demonstrated in her story: “Recently, we had a fun ‘Pie in the Eye’ day at our DaVita dialysis center. Patients with good phosphorus levels got to throw a ‘pie’ (whipped cream on a pie tin) at their dietitian. One patient who arrives at our center by stretcher was unable to come into the lobby to participate. She had worked months at getting her phosphorus down so we took the pie outside for her to throw before being transported after her treatment. She was really appreciative of having the chance to be part of this fun activity. It’s amazing the lengths dietitians go to in order to impact our patients!” 

Take some advice from Judy from Pennsylvania who’s been a DaVita renal dietitian for more than 15 years: “Eat well and exercise, if possible.” Judy’s recipes as well as the many others on can definitely help you eat well. 



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