Dilly Scrambled Eggs and Maple-Orange Chicken by Cindy from Colorado

DaVita renal dietitian Cindy from Colorado understands that the renal diet can be challenging but she makes it more enjoyable with two quick, easy and tasty recipes. Cindy’s mouthwatering Maple-Orange Chicken fits into both kidney-friendly and diabetic eating plans. This is one chicken dish that will be welcome at your table any time with its mix of sweet syrup and orange sauce. And because it’s so simple to make and only uses a few ingredients, you can cook it up at the last minute and it will still taste like you spent hours in the kitchen. It’s perfect for an everyday family dinner or when guests gather for a special meal. 

Cindy’s Dilly Scrambled Eggs recipe turns plain eggs into a gourmet treat with a touch of goat cheese and dill. While scrambled eggs are a traditional breakfast food, try this tasty dish for you mid-meal or a light dinner. 

A native of upstate New York, Cindy also lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma for several years and attended Oklahoma State University before moving to Colorado. She enjoys the change of seasons and the chance to do plenty of skiing that the Centennial State offers. 

A family history of obesity inspired Cindy’s interest in cooking and dietetics. When a position for a dietitian opened up in the renal field, she decided to give it a try. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Cindy says it’s always a challenge to juggle the many responsibilities that go with being a renal dietitian, but the satisfaction that comes from supporting her patients makes it all worthwhile. Cindy’s favorite part is, “When a patient tells me how great they feel since starting dialysis,” she says, adding, “And it’s so gratifying when patients thank me for helping them.” 

For Cindy, the key to her patients’ success is knowledge. “What I enjoy most about working with my patients is educating them about their health,” she says. “The single most important thing patients can do to improve their health is to learn as much as they can about end stage renal disease (ESRD), and also about diabetes if they’re diabetic.”

When working with DaVita patients, Cindy’s approach is empathetic. “I try to put myself in their shoes,” she summarizes. 

To help patients control their phosphorus levels, Cindy developed a program called “Phosphorus Partners.” This approach begins with educating patient care technicians (PCTs), and then assigning them to work one-on-one with DaVita patients. The result has been that PCTs are more engaged along with dietitians in the educational process, and patients are more likely to watch the foods they eat and take phosphorus binders as recommended. 

Cindy loves the people she works with at DaVita. “Most people at DaVita are fun to be around; the ones with poor attitudes usually don’t stay,” Cindy explains. “I have worked at other clinics where the staff was not as friendly and fun as my teammates here.” 

When you’re planning your next dinner, remember Cindy’s recipe for Maple-Orange Chicken. The citrus-maple glaze ensures a chicken entrée that’s too good to forget. And, if you want a flavorful way to start the day, wake up to Cindy’s Dilly Scrambled Eggs.



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