Singapore Rice Noodles and Thai Red Curry Vegetables by Michele from New Jersey

When choosing a second career, Michele from New Jersey decided that combining her two favorite interests — nutrition and helping people — would offer her the best of both worlds. While she was studying to be a dietitian, Michele worked as a research assistant at six different dialysis centers in New York City and she knew she made the right career decision. “I got to see a lot of different dialysis centers and meet many patients. I liked the idea of getting to know patients and helping them over time,” shares Michele. Now as a DaVita dietitian, Michele helps her patients understand the renal diet every day. 

Michele describes her approach with patients, “I find out about who each individual patient is and what their life situation is like so I can best help them. Also, having integrity and being honest with patients is important to establish trust.” In addition to adhering to the dialysis diet and keeping their lab results in a healthy range, Michele also recommends that her patients come and stay for their entire dialysis treatments as an important step in improving their health. She was pleased to learn that DaVita offers educational classes on the different dialysis modalities for patients to understand how dialysis works and to choose the treatment that best fits their lifestyle. 

The team approach to patient care is one of the reasons Michele enjoys working at DaVita. She says her teammates and patients make her center a special place because everyone shares a human connection as well as medical treatment. “Genuinely saying good morning and greeting patients before rushing into lab work, medicines and diet is the best way to start any conversation,” relays Michele. Getting to know her patients and helping them see something in a new way has been extremely rewarding. “I meet a lot of amazing and inspiring people,” shares Michele.

Living in New Jersey and spending time in New York City has introduced Michele to all types of ethnic cuisine. She especially enjoys light and flavorful Asian dishes with kidney-friendly, low potassium vegetables. Her Singapore Rice Noodles features savory curry and fragrant cilantro, while Michele’s Thai Red Curry Vegetables and Rice blends red curry paste, coconut milk and kaffir lime leaf for authentic Thai flavor. 



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