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Personalized Care Team 

Personalized Care Team

At DaVita®, our approach is to treat you, not just your kidney disease. Our dedicated and highly trained clinical care team works closely with a broad range of specialists to address your physical, emotional and financial needs:

  • Nephrologists (kidney doctors): As physicians specializing in kidney care, nephrologists determine the treatment plan for their kidney care patients. DaVita’s physician partners work closely with their clinical care team to identify the dialysis treatment option best suited to your unique health and lifestyle needs.
  • Nurses: Nurses carry out the treatment plans outlined by the nephrologists and are integral members of the clinical care team. Nurses oversee each dialysis treatment from start to finish, checking vitals, reviewing any new lab results and supporting other members of the care team.
  • Dietitians: Maintaining a kidney-friendly diet is a primary component of any dialysis treatment plan. DaVita’s dietitians, who are specially trained in nutrition for people with chronic kidney disease, meet with patients to educate them about which foods to seek and which to avoid based on their unique dietary needs.
  • Social Workers: DaVita’s social workers actively support patients and their families during and after the transition to dialysis, helping manage the emotional, financial, career and lifestyle adjustments involved.
  • Care Technicians: Dialysis care technicians facilitate the comfort and safety of patients in the dialysis center, monitoring the patients before, during and after treatment.
  • Insurance Specialists: If you need help navigating your insurance options, DaVita has insurance specialists to help answer your questions.
  • Travel Planners: DaVita has more than 1,600 dialysis centers nationwide, including ones located in virtually every popular vacation destination. Regardless of where you normally dialyze, let DaVita travel planners make arrangements for your next trip.
  • Facility Administrators: DaVita’s facility administrators manage the patient treatment schedule and all other aspects of dialysis centers’ operations.
  • Emergency Services Providers: When natural disasters or severe weather prevents dialysis centers from delivering care, DaVita’s emergency services team responds so patients are accounted for and placed in alternate dialysis centers.
  • Call Center Support Specialists: At DaVita, answers are just a phone call away — day or night. Support specialists are standing by to help you find the nearest dialysis center to your home or vacation destination, explain your treatment options, guide you through learning about kidney disease and more.

Your specialized clinical and support team works together to deliver personalized care.

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Kidney Care Begins with Kidney Smart®

Learn more and get your questions answered in a no-cost kidney education class.

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