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Living Well on Home Hemodialysis 

Living Well on HHD

When you choose home hemodialysis (HHD) with DaVita®, you’re not just choosing a treatment; you’re also opting to live better on dialysis. Learn about the benefits unique to HHD that can help you optimize your quality of life.

Independence and freedom

Many patients who dialyze at home find they can schedule their dialysis around their lives, rather than scheduling their lives around dialysis. Because HHD is a home therapy, your schedule will be less restricted than with traditional in-center hemodialysis. Many patients who choose HHD are able to continue working, and have more time for activities they enjoy.

Your HHD clinical team is here to help

Although you perform HHD at home, you’re not alone. Your HHD clinical team is here to support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. HHD allows you to manage your care in the comfort of your home while maintaining ongoing communication with your care team.

Our care team is dedicated to helping HHD patients by continually offering ongoing care and support. To best prepare you for HHD, DaVita developed a new patient training program called HHD Destinations. This program provides specialized training customized to your learning style.

More flexible diet 

With HHD, there are fewer dietary restrictions, making it easier for you to stay healthy and adhere to nutritional guidelines. Because toxins are removed daily, you’re allowed an increased flexibility in your diet, including having fewer fluid restrictions and the freedom to eat foods that were prohibited when you dialyzed in a center three days a week. Your dietitian will work with you on your specific nutritional needs.

Direct shipment of HHD supplies to your home or travel destination

DaVita Guest Services and your HHD equipment supplier collaborate so you have your supplies where and when you need them. If you travel in the United States, DaVita Guest Services can also arrange dialysis treatments at a center near your destination.

Infrequent trips to the dialysis center

Once you and your care partner are trained to perform dialysis at home, you can stop going to a dialysis center for four hours a day, three times a week. You will visit the center just once per month for a checkup with your home dialysis care team.

Fewer negative side effects

Through daily treatments, HHD more closely mimics the kidney’s natural function. You’ll be less likely to experience fatigue, nausea and vascular access complications than someone who dialyzes in a center three times a week.

Ongoing HHD patient support 

Your HHD care team will regularly assess your suitability for HHD and provide continued education about your treatment option. DaVita also has ways to make your treatments as convenient as possible, by having HHD supplies delivered to your home; offering travel and placement services; and online educational articlesand interactive tools. You can also sign up to receive the bi-monthly home dialysis patient newsletter LifeLines at Home.

HHD—providing a better quality of life

If you and your nephrologist decide that HHD is best for your health and lifestyle needs, you’ll see that the many benefits — including independence, flexible diet and ongoing patient support — can help maintain a better quality of life. 

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