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Travel Tips for Dialysis Patients

Traveling while doing dialysis is easier than ever thanks to portable equipment and the nationwide network of DaVita® dialysis centers. We're also here to help you plan for your dialysis needs depending on the type of dialysis you practice. Here are tips to help your travels go smoothly:

Work with care providers to meet your needs

  • In-center dialysis - Ask your social worker or nurse to help you arrange for dialysis treatments in your destination city. Make these appointments at least two weeks before your visit. You can also schedule treatment yourself by calling 1-800-244-0680 or visiting Find a Dialysis Center.
  • Peritoneal dialysis (PD) - Tell your nurse or social worker about your travel plans. They can help you ship your supplies to your hotel or vacation home, and locate a PD center in your destination city in case you run out of supplies or need emergency medical care.
  • Home hemodialysis (HHD) - Inform your doctor or dialysis provider of your plans. He or she can advise you on maintaining your treatments, what to pack and how to schedule in-center appointments (if needed).

Notify the airport/airline and hotel of special requests

  • Wheelchairs/scooters
    • Request "maximum assistance" at the airport and let them know if you are traveling with a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair or scooter.
    • Ask the ticket-counter attendant to "gate-check" your wheelchair and get a luggage claim receipt for it. This allows you to ride your wheelchair directly to the plane.
    • Notify the hotel that you are traveling with a wheelchair and request a handicapped-accessible or first-floor room.
  • HHD equipment - If you are bringing your portable HHD machine, tell the airline. They should not charge an extra baggage fee for a clearly marked medical device.
  • Meals/snacks - Ask if the airline has special meals (diabetic, vegetarian, low salt, etc.) Or, bring your own kidney-friendly food/snacks, as many airlines do not provide meals and airports may not have healthy options.

Make the most of DaVita's guest services

  • Extra help - Contact DaVita Guest Services with any questions or needs in planning your getaway. We're happy to help, and our 2,300-plus dialysis centers nationwide are available to you regardless of where you normally dialyze. Call us at 1-800-244-0680.

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