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Working with Kidney Disease Checklist

  • Get smart

Get answers to your questions about living with kidney disease—learn online at, find a class in your area at or call 1-888-MY-KIDNEY.

  • Don’t quit

While your first inclination may be to give your notice at your place of employment, keep in mind that many people start feeling better once they’re on dialysis.

  • Think through your finances

If you’re considering quitting, know that one of the biggest impacts will be on your income. If you have insurance through your employer, check the benefits to see if options for short or long term disability is available. You can also contact Social Security to estimate your disability income, which may cover only 30-40 percent of your current wages.

  • Evaluate your insurance

Talk with an insurance expert before you start dialysis and make sure you have the best coverage for your situation.

  • Find the right fit

Consider the various treatment types and which one will fit your work schedule. Ask your doctor about flexible options such as kidney transplant, peritoneal dialysis, home hemodialysis and nocturnal dialysis.

  • Take some time

Starting dialysis is a period of change in your life and you may want to take time off. Look into your company’s sick leave policy and disability insurance as well as the Family and Medical Leave Act.

  • Know your options

People on dialysis have rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Your employer may be able to make accommodations that help you stay employed.

  • Build a support network

Reach out to the people around you best suited to provide support during this unique change in your life. Find a sympathetic ear and advice from other people with CKD via online communities like and local support groups.

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