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4 Myths about Kidney Transplantation

Want to separate fact from fiction when it comes to transplantation? Read about four common myths of kidney transplants.

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Get the Stats and Facts about Kidney Transplants

Considering donating or receiving a kidney? Stay informed on the latest statistics of kidney transplantation.


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What's the Difference? Living vs. Deceased Kidney Donors

What’s the difference between a living and deceased kidney donor? Here are five factors to consider.

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Living Donation: 4 Ways to Talk about Needing a Kidney Donation

Finding a living donor who is a match for a kidney transplant recipient can take some time and effort. Fortunately, there are many people, as well as resources, available to help make the search easier. Here are four ways to talk about needing a kidney donation when you have end stage renal disease (ESRD).

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5 Questions to Ask Your Transplant Center Team

What should I ask my transplant center team? Here are five questions to get the ball rolling.

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5 Steps: How Do You Get a Kidney Transplant?

Ready for a kidney transplant? Before your journey, see how the process to find the right donor works, what to expect from the surgery and how taking care of your new kidney is vital.

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5 Reasons to Choose Kidney Transplant as a Treatment Option

Choosing a treatment when you have end stage renal disease (ESRD) is a major decision. You may know about your dialysis options, but kidney transplant is a treatment option, as well. Here are five reasons to consider kidney transplant and how you can start the conversation with your doctor. 

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3 Tips for People Waiting for a Kidney Transplant

The waiting game can be tough when you are unsure of when you will be tapped to receive a kidney transplant. The people and resources available to you during this wait time can be crucial. Here are three tips for waiting on a kidney transplant.

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7 Ways to Stay Healthy When You're on a Kidney Transplant Waiting List

A healthy lifestyle is an important factor to staying active on the kidney transplant wait list. Here are seven ways to maintain your health.

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In This Together: How Dialysis Centers and Transplant Centers Support You

If you or someone you care about is on dialysis, you may know there are many moving parts, and many people, that make up a care team. Learning how specific teams can assist a person in his or her transplantation journey helps. Here’s how dialysis center and transplant center teams can help you reach your kidney transplantation goal.

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Bob's Support Team: Taking Him from PD to Kidney Transplant

Going from peritoneal dialysis (PD) to a kidney transplant took the help of a lot of special people in Bob's life.

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Kidney Transplant: What You Need to Know

Actor George Lopez and NBA champion Alonzo Mourning are extremely talented in what they do for a living. They also each had kidney disease, and in order to help themselves continue down a successful path, they have each received a transplanted kidney. Medical advancements, surgical methods and donor matching make kidney transplant a possible alternative to dialysis.

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Your Kidney Transplant Team

There’s much more that goes into a kidney transplant than finding a donor and scheduling a date for surgery. You are surrounded by a dedicated kidney transplant team who will be with you when you receive a new kidney. Meet the members of a kidney transplant team.

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Going from dialysis to kidney transplant

What's an alternative to dialysis? A kidney transplant. If you're thinking about switching treatments, this may help answer some of your questions about kidney transplantation.

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What's it like to donate a kidney?

When a person has end stage renal disease (ESRD)–the last stage of kidney disease–they either need dialysis or a kidney transplant to live. Donating a kidney is a great gift to a person with ESRD. It’s also an intensely personal decision that can be a different experience for everyone. Learn what it can be like for a live kidney donor to go through the physical and emotional aspects of a kidney donation.

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Kidney transplant ­ the alternative to dialysis

For people who have lost nearly 90 percent of their kidney function, the only treatment options are dialysis or a kidney transplant. While dialysis replaces failed renal function, a transplant replaces a diseased kidney. Learn about the benefits and risks involved with a kidney transplant.

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Getting a kidney transplant

A kidney transplant is a treatment option for people with chronic kidney disease that progresses to end stage renal disease. A person with kidney failure can receive a kidney from either a living donor or a deceased donor. People with kidney disease are not automatically put on a list to receive a kidney transplant. Find out what you need to know about getting a kidney transplant.

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