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How to Talk to Your Employer about Your Kidney Disease

Follow these steps for talking with your employer about your kidney disease.

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5 Questions to Ask Your Nephrologist about Working

For people wanting to continue to work while on dialysis, here are five questions to ask your nephrologist.

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Understand Your Rights as an Employee with Kidney Disease

Empower yourself by understanding your rights as an employee with kidney disease. Whether you need to take a leave of absence or to adjust your workspace, take steps to learn about your rights and how to exercise them. Take a

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How Home Dialysis Got Chris Back on Her Feet

“My biggest joy is living my life the way that I want to live it, as fully as I can,” says Chris. As a dancer and instructor living in Houston, it was imperative that a kidney disease diagnosis didn’t keep her down. Discover how Chris got back to doing what she loves with the help of home dialysis.

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To Work or Not To Work? A Guide for Home Dialysis Patients

To work or not to work, that is the question for many people who go on home dialysis. Use this guide to help you figure out if staying on the job is right for you and your lifestyle—the answer may surprise you.

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Take a Break with a Leave of Absence

When you have kidney disease, you need to know your rights. Taking a leave of absence from your job is possible, whether it is because you are preparing for treatment or you just aren’t feeling well. Learn more about how to take a leave of absence.

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Chef Robert: Mastering Work, Family & Dialysis

"You can live with dialysis and work, and you can enjoy life." And life is much sweeter with good food and a loving family for Robert, an executive chef, grandfather and DaVita® dialysis patient. In a way, he has turned lemons into lemonades by fitting dialysis into his schedule and his life.

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Meet Cecilia: Working on Dialysis Worked for Her

For Cecilia, deciding early on that kidney disease and dialysis wouldn’t get in the way of staying at her job meant she had to learn all she could about her options. Discover how Cecilia overcame the news that she needed dialysis and how the treatment she chose helped her continue working.

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Meet Julie: Employed and on Peritoneal Dialysis

"To me, dialysis means health and freedom," said Julie, a DaVita® peritoneal dialysis patient in Houston. Her take-charge attitude has helped her continue to work fulltime, travel and do the hobbies she loves. Support from loved ones and her kidney care team have also helped Julie maximize quality of life on dialysis. Learn more about Julie.

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Working with Kidney Disease Checklist

You need a plan of action when you want to stay employed after a kidney disease diagnosis. Use this checklist to help with your transition.

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3 Steps for People Who Work and Have Kidney Disease

A large number of people on dialysis continue to work. If you are currently working and have chronic kidney disease (CKD), you may want to learn more about working on dialysis. Use the following steps to help guide you through this transition.

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Keeping your job when you have chronic kidney disease

When you have kidney disease or need dialysis, you can keep working. There are benefits to working, such as keeping your insurance and maintaining your lifestyle. However, you may need to make adjustments depending on how you feel or your dialysis schedule. Find out how keeping your job when you have kidney disease can be possible and positive.

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Home dialysis and employment

There are tips for overcoming fatigue at work, establishing a flexible schedule and educating coworkers about your condition that can make it easier for people on home dialysis to maintain a job. Learn more about home dialysis and employment.  

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Going to school on home dialysis

Home dialysis is a treatment option that offers more flexibility with your daily schedule. People with chronic kidney disease (CKD) requiring dialysis who wish to go to school often choose home dialysis. School is a place to be around your peers while becoming educated in a field that interests you. Learn how going to school on home dialysis is possible.

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Work and travel on dialysis

People on dialysis can find it challenging to schedule their life around treatments. But many patients find that keeping a job and allotting vacation time are great ways to get out and enjoy life. You do not have to quit work when you are on dialysis. Whichever dialysis modality you choose, you can schedule it around your work. Travel is also doable if you plan before you head out on the open road, in the air or on the high seas. Learn how you can work and travel on dialysis.

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