Skilled Nursing Facility

Dialysis in a Skilled Nursing Facility: Receive Care in Your Home

Nursing home and other skilled nursing facility (SNF) residents may be able to receive onsite dialysis rather than traveling to a center for treatment. Onsite dialysis at a SNF may help reduce stress associated with being transported to care and create the potential for better-coordinated care between your SNF, nephrologist and DaVita care team in your residence. All of this may ultimately lead to a better quality of life for you.

Onsite dialysis at a SNF may help give you peace of mind when you receive treatment from a known and trusted provider. DaVita delivers the same safe, high quality therapy as it provides in the outpatient dialysis center—three treatments per week—at your place of residence. DaVita uses established and proven clinical procedures to manage your care.

Find a SNF in your area that offers DaVita-provided dialysis or learn more about the potential benefits of onsite dialysis by calling DaVita Guest Services at 1-800-424-6589.

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