• Home Hemodialysis

    Learn about home dialysis in free monthly myDaVita newsletters.

  • Home Hemodialysis

    Learn about home dialysis in free monthly myDaVita newsletters.

Home hemodialysis (HHD) gives you the freedom to do treatments at home and create a treatment schedule that works with your lifestyle.

What is HHD?

Understand what HHD is, how it works and consider if it may be a treatment option that’s right for you.

  • HHD Overview
    Learn more about HHD and how treating at home may benefit your lifestyle.
  • Benefits of HHD
    Compared to in-center hemodialysis, HHD patients can take more control of their treatments schedules. Explore the benefits of HHD to help you decide.

Your Life on HHD

Learn how you may be able to thrive on home hemodialysis.

  • Getting Started on Home Hemodialysis
    Know the basics about home hemodialysis and the training you’ll receive to help you get started with treatment.
  • What to Expect
    Being on home hemodialysis may be an adjustment at first, but being prepared for what to expect can help you get used to your new treatment.
  • Home Hemodialysis Equipment Options
    Learn more about which home hemodialysis machine option may be right for you.
  • Understanding Your Fistula or Graft
    Taking proper care of your fistula or graft can help prevent infection. Learn more to help you stay your healthiest on HHD.
  • Working While on HHD
    Find out how you may be able to continue staying on the job when you do HHD.
  • HHD Diet
    Follow a diet that helps you stay your healthiest on HHD.
  • Travel and HHD
    Learn why traveling on HHD is now easier than ever before.

HHD Patient Stories

Watch and learn from other patients who have experienced HHD.

  • Hank’s Story
    Learn how HHD gives Hank, a DaVita patient, the time and energy to continuing doing the things that matter most.
  • Patient Testimonials
    Hear from patients on why they chose to do HHD.

HHD Care Partner Support and Resources

Care partners play an important role in the treatment of home hemodialysis patients. Learn the basics of being a care partner so you can help take care of your loved one and yourself.

  • Who Could Be a Care Partner?
    Explore whether being an HHD care partner may be right for you.
  • Tips and Resources
    Get tips and resources to help you provide a good quality of life to your love one on dialysis.
  • Managing Your Stress
    Find ways to cope and manage your stress in a healthy way.
  • Connect with Other Care Partners
    Use the forums on myDaVita to connect with other care partners and learn more about their experience.
  • Respite Care
    Respite care caters to a patient’s needs while their care partner is away. Learn more to find out if respite care could be of help to you.

6 Tips for Dialysis Care Partners

Get help in becoming a more effective care partner by following these six tips.

DaVita HHD Patient Support

Understand the different ways you are supported on HHD.

  • Your HHD Support Team
    You may be doing HHD at home, but you’re not alone. Your care team will help train you and monitor your treatment.
  • 8 Ways DaVita Supports Home Patients
    From kidney education to online resources, DaVita offers a variety of information to help support home dialysis patients.

Find a Home Hemodialysis Program

Search for a DaVita home dialysis center near you.

Connect with Others

Use the forums on myDaVita to connect with other home dialysis patients and learn more about their experience.