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What is a kidney friendly diet?

As kidney disease progresses, kidneys have to work even harder to do regular tasks like balancing fluids and removing toxins and waste products. Depending on what stage of kidney disease you’re in, it may be necessary to make lifestyle changes to help slow the loss of kidney function. This could include making some dietary changes that will help your kidneys work easier. Your physician and dietitian can help prescribe a diet with foods that are best for your individual needs, but here are a few basic do’s and don’ts that apply to many people with kidney disease. 1. Limiting your intake of large amounts of meat, milk, beans and other high protein foods can reduce protein waste build-up and help prolong kidney function. 2. Eating homemade fresh food and non- or minimally processed food can reduce your sodium intake and help manage fluid retention and blood pressure levels. 3. Having a healthy diet can keep your body in balance and working like it should. Check with your physician for recommendations and guidance on having the most kidney-friendly lifestyle possible. To learn more, visit

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