Compliance Committee

Compliance Committee Charter

Our Compliance Committee currently consists of Ms. Desoer, Dr. Roper, Mr. Diaz and Ms. Yale, with Ms. Desoer serving as the Chair. Each of the members of our Compliance Committee is independent in accordance with the listing standards of the New York Stock Exchange.

Our Compliance Committee's principal functions are:

  • Be generally knowledgeable about compliance issues facing the health care industry;
  • Together with the Audit Committee, assist the Board with oversight of enterprise risk management and health care legal and regulatory compliance. Specifically, the Committee shall work together with the Audit Committee to ensure that the Company’s management appropriately identifies and manages key legal and compliance enterprise risks. The Committee has primary responsibility for oversight of health care regulatory and anti-corruption compliance requirements. The Audit Committee assists the Board with oversight of all other legal and regulatory requirements, including those that may have a material impact on the Company’s financial statements;
  • Oversee the Company’s health care regulatory compliance program and monitor its performance; and
  • Provide an avenue of communication among (i) management, (ii) those persons responsible for the internal compliance function or for auditing of the internal compliance function, (iii) third parties that may be engaged by management and/or the Board or its committees to assess the internal compliance function, and (iv) the Board.