• Home Hemodialysis

    Get more time back in your day. Talk with a DaVita representative or your doctor to learn more about home hemodialysis.

  • Home Hemodialysis

    Get more time back in your day. Talk with a DaVita representative or your doctor to learn more about home hemodialysis.

About Home Hemodialysis

Home hemodialysis (HHD) is a lot like in-center hemodialysis, but you perform your treatments at home with the help of a care partner, or solo per doctor’s order. The HHD machine is a smaller, user-friendly machine that cleans toxins from your blood. There are many potential benefits to dialyzing with HHD, such as not having to leave your home for treatment, greater ability to travel and shorter recovery time between treatments.

Your Life on HHD

You create your schedule

One of the biggest potential benefits of dialyzing at home is having a more flexible schedule. Depending on the HHD schedule you and your doctor decide on, you may choose a treatment schedule that lets you participate in more of your favorite activities such as spending time with family, working or doing hobbies. While it may take some time to adjust to a new treatment and lifestyle, the good news is that many HHD patients see an improved quality of life.

The potential benefits of more frequent dialysis

Hemodialysis is defined as 3-times-per-week therapy, but a nephrologist may prescribe more frequent treatments for patients with specific clinical needs.

You may experience the following benefits from more frequent dialysis:

Clinical benefits

Shorter recovery times between treatments1.

Less stress on your heart2

Increased chance of transplant4

Better blood pressure control6

Lifestyle Benefits

Fewer dietary restrictions

Improved sleep3

More energy5

The prescribing physician will determine the required treatment frequency based on medical necessity. Although home hemodialysis is often prescribed with a more frequent schedule, the physician must evaluate the individual clinical needs of each patient and consider both the potential benefits and risks. While there could be potential quality of life and physiological benefits to more frequent dialysis, there is also risk of a possible increase in vascular access procedures and the potential for hypotension during dialysis. More frequent use of vascular access may result in infections and other access-related complications. Other potential risks associated to more frequent dialysis include solute imbalance and patient/care partner burden.

HHD Patient Story

Hear why Lindsay chose home hemodialysis and how it changed her life.

Convenient care to fit your lifestyle — wherever you may be.

Resources for Care Partners

Care partners play an important role in HHD treatment. Get trained as a care partner so you can help take care of your loved one and yourself.

Top 5 Reasons to Use DaVita Care Connect

DaVita Care Connect® is a mobile app available to all DaVita home dialysis patients that lets you connect with your care team and dialysis resources to get the quality support you need.

*Service provider and modality selection are choices made exclusively between the patient and nephrologist

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