• Value-Based Patient Care for Health Plans

    Partner with us to transform care for your complex kidney patients.

  • Value-Based Patient Care for Health Plans

    Partner with us to transform care for your complex kidney patients.

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Caring for a Complex Population

With the shift to value-based care taking hold, DaVita believes that outcome-driven partnerships with health plans can offer meaningful solutions for kidney patients. We work with you to structure tailored agreements based on your needs—whether that’s full-risk, shared-savings or pay-for-performance—to deliver holistic, patient-centered care, from the early stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) to end stage kidney disease (ESKD).

ESKD patients, who, on average, experience 4 or more comorbidities1, and CKD patients are a vulnerable, medically complex and costly population. Together, we can offer differentially better care while helping reduce costs.

U.S. adults estimated to have CKD1

Average number of days ESKD patients spend in the hospital2

Kidney icon

People with kidney disease who don’t know they have it1

Amount of Medicare costs ESKD patients represent2

"Together, I believe we can forge a future of innovation and reduce the global burden of kidney failure."
– Dr. Jeffrey Giullian, Chief Medical Officer of DaVita Kidney Care

A Value-Based Model of Care

Through close collaboration with nephrologists, we provide patient-centered care that spans the continuum of kidney care.

Predictive analytics to identify risk of CKD and progression to ESKD

Patient education, focusing on modality options, transplant readiness and palliative care

Care coordination, including comorbid condition management

Active collaboration between primary care physicians, nephrologists and DaVita care teams

DaVita Integrated Kidney Care3 (DaVita IKC) teams conduct baseline assessments to tailor care plans based on the comprehensive health needs of each patient in an effort to help delay CKD progression, smooth the transition to ESKD and help patients choose the right treatment option for them. Patients receive coordinated primary care and comorbid condition management that can lead to positive clinical outcomes and enhanced patient experience.

Nephrology Care Alliance (NCA) offers nephrologists opportunities to leverage established tools and programs to make full continuum, integrated kidney care a reality for patients.

Proven Results

DaVita’s innovative approach to kidney care has demonstrated industry-leading clinical results and offers a robust, award-winning patient education program to help patients better understand their kidney health and modality options, including home dialysis and transplant.

Clinical Outcomes from DaVita IKC

outpatient transition to dialysis, avoiding hospitalization4

lower hospitalization rate5

lower readmission rate5

gross savings on addressable costs6

Patient Education Impact

patients and caregivers educated through Kidney Smart® education program7

fewer missed treatments7

greater home dialysis adoption7

transplant likelihood7

Keys to Success

By leveraging DaVita’s experience, scale and resources, DaVita IKC has impacted the lives of more than 110,000 CKD and ESKD patients nationwide through value-based commercial and government partnerships.

Robust Capabilities

  • Award-winning patient education
  • Advanced proprietary analytics powered by 1B+ data points
  • Largest home dialysis program in U.S. with 27K+ patients
  • Telehealth and home remote monitoring

Value-Based Care Success

  • 110K+ CKD and ESKD lives managed
  • $1.7B medical cost under management
  • Industry-leading clinical results

Long-Standing Partnerships

  • Multiple integrated care national payor partnerships
  • Longest-running participant in the Medicare Advantage C-SNPs over 15 years
  • 7.6K+ nephrologist relationships
  • 900+ hospital partners

Nephrologists at the Forefront

Supporting this integrated care model is Nephrology Care Alliance, a physician-provider collaboration that seeks to empower nephrologists by offering comprehensive solutions to transform care. Together, we will work to improve patient outcomes, drive down costs and increase efficiencies across the kidney care continuum.

Electronic health record and population health solutions

1,200+ nephrologists

Physician-led organization

Partnership Models

DaVita’s partnership models range from full-risk arrangements to targeted pay-for-performance programs. Contact DaVita to receive a customized analysis and discuss options that can help manage your kidney patient population.

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Early Interventions for Kidney Patients

DaVita IKC partners with national and regional health plans to provide holistic CKD care designed to help prevent or slow the progression of kidney disease and, if necessary, help ease patients’ transition to kidney failure and treatment—whether that’s home dialysis, in-center dialysis, or transplant.

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