• Tools and Resources

    From technology solutions to career development opportunities, nephrologists can receive broad-based support from DaVita.

Clinical and Technology Tools

Technology Tools

DaVita Physician Solutions IT tools give physicians access to the right data, at the right time, solving for quality and physician IT fatigue.

Laboratory Services

DaVita Labs specializes in kidney care patients and delivers accurate, timely test results. For more information, call (866) 909-5227.

Vascular Care

Lifeline Vascular Care provides quality vascular care to patients with a variety of chronic conditions.

Partnership Resources

Career Support

DaVita Source offers career guidance, job placement and practice recruitment services for nephrologists and advanced practitioners.

Credentialing Process

The online credentialing form offers an easy first-step for physicians to become credentialed at DaVita.

Business Services

Nephrology Practice Solutions provides business solutions for nephrology practices and employs physicians in select markets.

Educational Resources

Patient Education

Kidney Smart is a community resource for your patients to enroll in a no-cost patient education resource, provided in person and online.

Nephrologist PD Education

Peritoneal dialysis physician resources offer education and information on the patient benefits of PD.

Nephrology Blog

The DaVita Medical Insights blog keeps clinicians informed on the latest advancements and conversations in kidney care.