• Partnerships

    Become part of a physician community that is raising the standard of care for patients with kidney disease.

  • Partnerships

    Become part of a physician community that is raising the standard of care for patients with kidney disease.

Integrated Care

Coordinated patient care across the kidney care continuum can improve patient outcomes and reduce health care costs.

Lower the rate of unplanned dialysis starts

Reduce avoidable hospitalizations

Educate all patients on kidney disease and modality options

Medical Directorships

Drive clinical outcomes and deliver high-quality, physician-led patient care.

Your Voice

Get your voice heard through multiple opportunities including access to DaVita's Office of the Chief Medical Officer, the annual Physician Leadership meeting, and advisory boards.

Leadership Inclusion

Connect with group medical directors, DaVita Physician Council members, consultants, and other nephrology leaders.

Expert Care Teams

Experience support from highly skilled nurses, patient care technicians, dietitians, social workers and more.

Leading-Edge IT

Leverage technology to help access the right data at the right time – which can improve your experience and delivery of high-quality patient care.

Time-Saving Operational Support

Increase time for your priorities while DaVita supports your operations.

Patient-First Tools and Resources

Maximize DaVita’s investment in tools and resources needed to help care for patients in most situations — including crisis.

Joint Ventures and Acquisitions

Realize synergies

Build clinical expertise and integrated team capabilities while enjoying the financial benefits of DaVita's partnership.

Maintain care team

Keep your care team intact and expand their knowledge and skills through additional DaVita training.

Operational support

Gain time for patients and other priorities with DaVita's operational support.

Plan your financial future

Obtain capital to help meet cash needs, invest in other business ventures and create a diversified investment portfolio.

Mitigate risk

Mitigate the many company-specific and industry conditions that could put your business at risk while enjoying the upside potential in your business.

Optimize timing

Consider selling your dialysis clinic now to meet timely personal finance needs, such as college tuition.

“DaVita’s CKD EHR (by Epic) has been great! I’ve stopped having to take work home because I’m able to complete all my patient charts during the visit. It’s really improved my quality of life!”

— Sanesh Jain, M.D.

Improved Clinical Outcomes

DaVita's operational support with a full acquisition can give you valuable time to focus on your patients and improve clinical results.


medical costs saved in VBC programs over 15+ years1


reduction in overall ESKD hospitalization rate2


planned starts verses 40% industry standard3

New Clinic with DaVita

Explore the possible benefits and options of opening a clinic with DaVita.

High-quality clinical outcomes

Use your expertise and the latest clinical data from DaVita to provide enhanced patient care.

Operational support

Help free your time for patient care with DaVita’s day-to-day operations support.

Partial ownership

Leverage DaVita’s experience, operational capabilities and supply contracts.


Invest in a dialysis clinic with DaVita to help diversify your portfolio and secure wealth.

Nephrology Practice Solutions

Run by a nephrology-centric team, Nephrology Practice Solutions (NPS) offers a variety of consulting support, practice management solutions and recruiting services to help nephrologists grow and run a successful practice.

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Initial credentialing is required for all DaVita physicians and allied health professionals. To start the process, fill out the new professional request form and email it to your credentialing coordinator.

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“The teammates, the people that make up DaVita, is what makes it special. It's a family that the patients get to be part of.”

— Jorge Humberto Serna, M.D., El Paso Kidney Specialists

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1 Internal DaVita analysis

2 Data based on performance in an ESKD shared savings program with a private payor (Commercial and Medicare Advantage members)

3 DaVita IKC Data compared to industry average