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Direct Deposit – Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

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DaVita Facility Number

DaVita operates thousands of facilities where we provide life-saving treatment for our patients. To best distinguish between our facilities, which span across the United States and other countries, we use a facility number to identify each site (e.g., Facility # 00387). For additional clarity, we encourage you to include the city and state where your Leased space is located along with the facility number in your communications (e.g., facility #00387.100, Baltimore, MD). Your Lease may have the facility number included in the notice address section if the facility number was assigned prior to Lease execution. Facility numbers can also be found on most DaVita communications to landlords, including rent checks, estoppel certificates and legal notices that we send once the facility has opened. Using the facility number in all correspondence with us will help ensure that the property is properly identified.

If you would like help identifying the facility number for a specific site, please email us at Please include the physical address where the facility is located in your email.

Request for Payment

General correspondence, invoices, budget updates and annual reconciliations can be sent to us via the Notice Address in the Lease or emailed to and To process any request we will need the Facility (# _______), City, State, and the nature of your inquiry in the subject line, e.g., “Utility Invoice” or “20xx Reconciliation,” etc.

Any invoice or request for payment must contain reasonable detail of the outstanding charges. We may request additional backup documentation in order to process payment.

Default Notices

Any legal demand notice, including a default, bankruptcy, change of ownership, or property management must be sent in hard copy to the Legal Notice Address in the Lease with a copy emailed to

New Facility Initial Payment Process

DaVita cannot make the initial rent payment for a new facility until the Commencement Memorandum is fully executed and processed by DaVita and DaVita has received a W-9 for the entity receiving Rent payments. The IRS requires DaVita to collect the W-9 form you to gather your Tax Identification Numbers (TINs). We cannot process payment without a completed W-9 on file for landlords of U.S. properties and if you refuse you may be subject to various IRS penalties and fines.

Please comply with the terms of your Lease regarding preparation and submission of the Commencement Memorandum. In addition, email the completed Commencement Memorandum, which email should include the Facility (# _______), City, State to Please include your contact information and any additional information pertaining to the requested Commencement Memorandum that we would need to fully process.

The Commencement Memorandum will be prioritized and processed in order of Commencement Date and our workload. Once completed you will receive an email from DocuSign notifying you of the completed Commencement Memorandum. You will be able to access and download the completed Commencement Memorandum from the DocuSign website. 

Direct Deposit – Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

DaVita’s preferred method of payment is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), which are payments are electronic deposits made directly into the bank account designated by you instead of receiving a paper check. The main benefits of utilizing EFT include:

  • Timely payments: Never worry about lost/stolen mail or impacts of inclement weather on US Postal Service delivery.
  • No trips to the bank: Funds are immediately available at the time of deposit.
  • Instant Notification: Receive advanced notification of any funds being deposited into your account (sent via electronic remittance advice to your e-mail address).
  • Easy bookkeeping: You may be able to automate your accounts receivable posting depending on remittance method (email or fax).

If you are not already receiving payments via EFT, please review and complete the following forms and email to

  • Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form - This includes instructions for completing the Electronic Payment Setup Form. The instructions also include information on what you can expect during the conversion process.

Utility Reimbursement Invoices

DaVita contracts with a third party to pay all utility bills. Landlords requesting reimbursement from DaVita for utility bills paid on our behalf, must submit invoices directly to Cass per the following instructions.

  • Landlords can email invoices directly to Cass’s at or by mail to the following address:
      c/o Cass Information Systems
      PO Box 182609
      Columbus, Ohio 43218-2609
  • The invoices must include the following:
    • A cover sheet (Landlord summary bill) with the Landlord name, DaVita’s Tenant name in the Lease, site address, account number (if applicable) and charges clearly itemized.
    • Backup utility bills to correspond to the charges (if available).

It is important that the cover sheet (or Landlord summary bill) be included along with any utility bills so that Cass doesn’t interpret that these bills be paid directly to the utility.

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