11 Resources to Follow a Kidney-Friendly Diet

Following a kidney diet can make a big difference in managing your kidney disease. Not sure where to start? Use these resources to help you learn more about the kidney diet.

1. DaVita Diet HelperTM

Plan meals, track fluids and nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus, and so much more with this easy-to-use tool.

2. Cookbook Series

Download Today's Kidney Diet cookbooks to get kidney-friendly recipes, diet tips and more.

3. Recipe Alerts

Each month from DaVita, get delectable, kidney-friendly recipes delivered straight to your inbox.

4. DaVita Kidney Care Recipes

Get access to 1,000+ kidney-friendly recipes.

5. Kidney Diet Tips

Learn more about the kidney diet from DaVita dietitians on the Kidney Diet Tips blog.

6. myDaVita Forums

Share diet tips and recipes with the myDaVita community.

7. DaVita Eats Videos

Learn step-by-step how to make kidney-friendly recipes by watching instructional cooking videos.

8. DaVita® Eat Smart

Sign up to receive pre-dialysis nutrition counseling from a registered dietitian online or over the phone.

9. SuperTracker

From the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), create a personalized activity plan, track your food and exercise, and get tips to help you make healthy choices.

10. USDA Food Composition Database

Get comprehensive nutrition facts for thousands of food products, so you can plan ahead before you shop for groceries.

11. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Find numerous articles on the kidney diet and how to manage your kidney disease through nutrition.

Talk to your dietitian

Following a kidney diet can be easier with the right tools. Use the resources above and talk with a dietitian to determine the right kidney diet for you.

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