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Common Concerns for People Diagnosed with Kidney Disease

After a kidney disease diagnosis, give yourself some peace of mind by learning solutions to common concerns that you and others may experience.

Concern #1: Changing my diet

Solution: A kidney diet doesn't have to be boring. On DaVita.com, there are hundreds of kidney-friendly recipes and numerous seasonal cookbooks that offer a variety of flavor-packed meals and snacks.

You can also check out the DaVita Diet Helper tool to plan meals, track your fluid intake, create a grocery list and access restaurant guides.

Concern #2: Not having enough energy

Solution: For many people, fatigue is a common symptom of kidney disease. However, there are several ways to counteract your low energy, such as attending all of your dialysis treatments if you have kidney failure, following a kidney diet and exercising. Talk with your doctor about staying employed on dialysis, keeping up with your loved ones, traveling, and engaging in activities that have both physical and emotional benefits.

Concern #3: Managing too many medications

Solution: Treatment for kidney disease often requires an assortment of medications. Staying on top of your medications, understanding what they do for your body and keeping them organized can help you stay healthy longer. Make sure you take your medications exactly as directed, and inform your doctor of all the medicines you take: OTC drugs, prescriptions, herbal medicines, vitamins and supplements.

Concern #4: Slowing the progression of my kidney disease

Solution: Regardless of what stage of kidney disease you're in, there are several ways to help delay kidney failure. Start to control your blood pressure, monitor your blood glucose and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to keep your kidneys working to the best of their ability.

Concern #5: Knowing my treatment options

Solution: You have options when it comes to treating your kidney disease. From dialyzing at home, getting treated at a center, or receiving a kidney transplant, you can work with your doctor to find a treatment that best fits your needs.

Take control of your health

The more you understand your condition, the easier it may be to manage it. Talk to your doctor and health care team about your concerns and work with them find to ways to take control of your kidney health.