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Allen's Blog

photo: Allen R. Nissenson, MD, FACP
Allen R. Nissenson, MD, FACP View Bio »

Oct. 29, 2015
CMS Five-Star Quality Rating System Supports Patient Choice
Patients have many choices when it comes to dialysis treatment, and making a decision of where to receive care can be confusing. A recently updated tool from the federal government simplifies that process, making it easier for patients, their families and caregivers to compare the quality of kidney care providers. Patients can review star ratings

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Bob's Blog

photo: Robert Provenzano, MD
Robert Provenzano, MD View Bio »

Growing Pains

Guest post by Emily Bonham, director of product management for Falcon Physician Frustration is often the impetus for—and the result of—change. The move from paper to electronic recordkeeping was no exception. As the medical industry was forced to make this switch, physicians often picked a software provider based on limited knowledge and experience. Now, several […]

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Mahesh's Top Reads

photo: Mahesh Krishnan, MD Mahesh Krishnan, MD View Bio »

Mahesh Krishnan, MD, Vice President of Research, DaVita Clinical Research, shares his monthly top clinical reads. Culling articles from clinical journals and publications, see his summaries on the most relevant topics in nephrology today.

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