• Integrated Kidney Care

  • Integrated Kidney Care

DaVita Integrated Kidney Care (IKC) serves approximately 25,000 end stage renal disease (ESRD) and late stage chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients across the United States every month. For the past two decades, DaVita Integrated Kidney Care has successfully worked with nephrologists to improve patient quality of life and achieve better clinical outcomes.

DaVita Integrated Kidney Care's model of care leverages the 12-15 hours per week patients spend with their trusted care team at the dialysis clinic to address their kidney and non-kidney health care needs. Our high-touch, patient-centered model enables timely and effective management of patients' kidney disease, primary care and other comorbid conditions.

Our integrated care team works with patients to increase care plan adherence and address barriers to care, allowing nephrologists to remain focused on the patient's medical needs so they can provide holistic care to their patients.

IKC Participation

We passionately believe IKC should be the standard for all people with kidney disease. The shift to value-based reimbursement is helping accelerate the opportunity for more patients to benefit from integrated care. With this shift also comes the opportunity for nephrologists to play a bigger role in providing high-quality holistic care to patients with kidney disease.

DaVita Integrated Kidney Care's team works with nephrologists and their practice staff to align and coordinate patient care beyond the walls of the office and the dialysis clinic. IKC may help practices improve clinical outcomes and create efficiencies by sharing up-to-date and actionable information so nephrologists are able to make more timely and informed decisions about patient care needs.

We recognize that nephrologists play an important role in achieving the Triple Aim-improved clinical outcomes, enhanced patient experience and lower total cost. Our goal is to provide IKC program participation options that enable and empower nephrologists to deliver the best possible care while positioning their practice to thrive.

Where we have at-risk programs with the government and commercial payors, IKC participation options may be available to incent and reward nephrologists for their dedication to delivering high-quality care that results in improved clinical outcomes and lower overall cost to the system.

IKC in Action

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