Manage Your Health in 2015: The DaVita Health Portal™

Stanley's success with the DaVita Health Portal

After months of trouble keeping his phosphorus levels within a normal range, home hemodialysis (HHD) patient Stanley Bozarth turned to Linda Harte, his DaVita® nurse, for advice. Linda told him it was time to get serious about finding a solution. That’s when she told him about the DaVita Health Portal.

“I had my patient whose phosphorus was dangerously high sign up for the DaVita Health Portal. [The increased lab value] was due to possible non-compliance with two different medications.”

When patients don’t follow, or are non-compliant with, their prescriptions, it can cause abnormal nutrition levels and affect their overall health.

Once some medication changes were made and Stanley was educated about the severity of an abnormal nutrient level, Linda says something suddenly clicked for him to want to do better. Stanley began tracking his lab report on the DaVita Health Portal.

“He called me just as I came to work one day and told me that the new phosphorus results were finally within an acceptable range,” she said. “He said he was checking his labs via the DaVita Health Portal every hour until the result was available.”

With that kind of access, Linda believes Stanley felt proud that he was able to share the results with her well before she could call him about the great news.

“I think he felt more in control rather than waiting for me to call him,” she said. “He has certainly benefitted from this service.”

Control your kidney health in 2015

Stanley and other DaVita patients like him are taking control of their kidney care and feeling better, thanks to the DaVita Health Portal. The option to track and share lab results is just one of the portal’s features. DaVita patients can also get health records, prescription information, care team contact information and more.

The DaVita Health Portal is part of, the online resource for kidney care management that offers DaVita Diet Helper™ for easy kidney diet meal planning, access to the DaVita Forums and specialized groups and personalized profiles. Sign up or log into your account and click on the DaVita Health Portal at the top right.

Start off 2015 right by tracking your progress with the DaVita Health Portal. You too could take control of your kidney health and feel better, just like Stanley.