Support For People on Dialysis and Their Loved Ones

Someone I care about needs dialysis but does not want it. What can I do?

Ask why they don’t want dialysis. People often believe they will have a poor quality of life “on a machine.” If many other illnesses are present, this may be true. Others find that with a trial period of dialysis for a month or two, they feel much better and can have a full and active life. Only the person who needs dialysis can decide what’s right for him or her, but it may help you both to talk to other people who are living with dialysis. Perhaps their doctor could help you arrange this.

Where else can I turn to when I need support as a dialysis patient or care partner?

Your renal social worker, nurse or doctor can answer your questions. They can also point you to groups where you can find extra support. Here are additional resources you can tap into: