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Dialysis Support When It's Needed. Where It's Needed.

When you need emergency support, a dialysis placement or help setting up treatments when you travel, look no further than DaVita® Guest Services. They are here when patients or prospective patients need extra help. Call 1-800-400-8331 or email guestservices@davita.com today.

We serve patients and support the community by:

  • Providing emergency assistance. We support patient and DaVita teammates when a natural disaster or severe weather strikes.
  • Finding and placing patients in a permanent dialysis center. We arrange for permanent dialysis center placements due to relocation, hospital discharge or patient's preference.
  • Arranging dialysis treatment for travelers. We place DaVita patients nationwide (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) in both DaVita and non-DaVita centers.

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