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It’s important to understand all of your insurance options before making any changes. These third-party resources can help you compare and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. For a list of things to consider when reviewing your options, click here.

Educational information about Medicare & Medicare Advantage options

Visit or call Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227; TTY 1-877-486-2048) to learn about your Medicare eligibility and options, including Medicare Advantage.

This is a DaVita guide created using publically available information and is designed to serve as an informational resource to help people on dialysis, who currently have Medicare, understand Medicare basics and coverage options.

As a reminder, DaVita health insurance educators cannot recommend one coverage type or plan option over another. The decision of whether to enroll in different health insurance is always up to the individual and individuals should enroll in the insurance they feel is best.

State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIPs)
SHIPs are local non-profit organizations that provide free and unbiased one-on-one counseling on your Medicare options. To find your local SHIP, visit or call 1-877-839-2675 (TTY 711).

Tools to help you compare your options and prepare for an insurance change

This insurance change worksheet* may help you assess your needs and compare the plan(s) you’re considering. Consider bringing this to your enrollment appointment.

This cost comparison worksheet* may help you compare the cost difference between your current Medicare coverage to the Medicare Advantage plan(s) you’re considering. If you’re thinking about joining a Medicare Advantage plan, check with the plan before you join to make sure your providers are in the plan’s network. If they are out of network, you may have to pay more.

*For informational purposes only.

Resources to help you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan

Chapter (an unaffiliated, licensed Medicare Advisor)
Chapter is a Medicare advisor that searches plans from all carriers to help you enroll in the one that fits your individual needs: they can check to make sure your healthcare providers are in network, and will compare drug prices across all pharmacies in your area. Chapter’s Medicare advisors are trained specifically on the insurance coverage needs of dialysis patients.
• Visit Chapter’s website at
• Call Chapter’s helpline directly at 1-800-351-0969 to speak with a licensed Medicare Advisor (Monday - Friday 9AM - 7PM EST and Saturday 10AM - 6PM EST)

eHealth (an unaffiliated, licensed health insurance agency)
eHealth is an independent health insurance agency that offers plans from many (but not all) insurance companies. eHealth licensed insurance agents can help you review your options and enroll in a plan. eHealth also has tools to help you find a plan with your health care providers in network, and their agents are trained on the insurance coverage needs that may be important for dialysis patients.

  • Visit eHealth’s website for dialysis patients at
  • Call the eHealth helpline for dialysis patients at 1-844-980-2102 (TTY 711). Licensed insurance agents are available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-9 p.m. (ET) and 24 hrs/day from October 15 to December 7.

Medicare and Medicare Plan Finder
Contact Medicare or use the Medicare Plan Finder at Medicare.Gov/Plan-Compare to learn more about available Medicare Advantage plans in your area (including plan costs, benefits and provider network considerations) and to enroll in a plan.

Other Health Insurance Agents or Brokers
There may be other health insurance agencies and local insurance agents that can help you review your Medicare Advantage options and enroll in a plan. You can also contact specific health insurance companies directly to learn more about their available plans or to enroll.

If you’d like to download a PDF of these resources, click here:

Disclaimers: This resource is intended to provide DaVita patients with information about some of the available third party resources for comparing and enrolling in Medicare Advantage plans. Links to third party websites are provided for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional advice. Third party websites are governed by the third party’s privacy policy and terms of use, not DaVita’s. DaVita does not endorse or recommend any specific insurance agent, broker, agency, or plan and is not affiliated with or compensated by insurance agents, brokers, or agencies. If you choose to work with a health insurance agent, broker, or agency, please keep in mind they are not affiliated with Medicare and may earn compensation if you enroll in a plan. is a non-government website operated by eHealthInsurance Services, Inc., a licensed health insurance agency that sells Medicare products and does business as eHealth. In New York and Oklahoma, eHealth does business as eHealthInsurance Agency. and eHealth are not affiliated or connected with Medicare or any other government program or agency. DaVita and eHealth are independent entities and not affiliated.