Supporting a Loved One on Their Kidney Transplant Journey

Caring for someone who is on the journey to kidney transplant is rewarding, challenging and an emotional process. Being there for someone in need is an incredible gift to give. During this journey, there are some important ways that you can take care of your loved one.


  • Attend doctor’s appointments. Going with your loved one to appointments shows support in a big way. During appointments, you can ask questions, take notes or just hold their hand.
  • Listen to your loved one. Sometimes, it can be tough to know exactly what to say to someone who is going through the kidney transplant process. Many times people just need someone to express their thoughts and emotions to. By actively listening, you’re showing your support simply by showing up.
  • Help with transportation. Your partner might be feeling tired from the physical and emotional process of dealing with kidney failure. Driving them to and from doctor’s appointments or dialysis treatments may help them feel less overwhelmed.
  • Help with paperwork, insurance, household bills, etc. Getting through all the paperwork and documentation for medical tests, getting on the transplant waiting list, dealing with insurance and more can be a lot to handle. You can help your partner by going through paperwork with them, handling certain phone calls or just sitting by their side as they go through these necessary steps.
  • Help them celebrate milestones. Whether they’re big or small, celebrating the wins during this journey will help you and your loved one stay positive and connected.