What makes a good transplant candidate?

Many people with stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD) or end stage kidney disease (ESKD) can be good candidates for a kidney transplant, and every person has the right to a transplant center referral.

People of different shapes, sizes, ages, races and health are able to receive a kidney transplant.

In order to get on and stay on the kidney transplant waitlist, here are some common guidelines from transplant centers:

  • Younger than 80-years-old
  • Not too overweight
  • In decent health overall
  • In a permanent residence
  • Responsible as a patient
  • Connected to a support system
  • Healthy heart
  • Close to a transplant center
Each transplant center has its own guidelines on who can get a transplant. If one center doesn't accept you, another one might.

Work with your kidney doctor (nephrologist) and care team to see how you can stay transplant ready.

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