Pantry Tips for Extended Home Stays

DaVita dietitians have compiled a list of kidney-friendly foods and pantry tips to guide you during times of disruption to usual grocery shopping and food availability. If possible, consider maintaining a two-week supply of kidney-friendly foods, including freezable and non-perishable foods, in case you are unable to get to the store, or your store is out of supplies. If you visit the grocery store, please remember to disinfect the cart, avoid touching your face and practice social distancing.

The following food lists include canned and sealed foods that are lower in sodium, potassium and phosphorus. Refer to your kidney diet for a list of fresh produce and other foods.


1/2 cup = 1 serving; (limit to 2-3 servings/day)
Canned, Sealed or Frozen:

  • Applesauce, apricots, fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges, peaches, pears, pineapple
  • Cranberry, apple, grape, pineapple
  • Fruit punch, lemonade, limeade


  • Fresh brewed coffee, tea
  • Rice milk, almond milk (brands without phosphate additives)
  • Sugar-free sodas without phosphate additives: Sprite®, Slice®, root beer,
    7-Up®, grape soda, ginger ale, cream soda, Sierra Mist®, Mountain Dew®


1/2 cup = 1 serving; (limit to 2-3 servings/day)
Canned or Frozen:

  • Asparagus, bamboo shoots (canned), beets (canned), broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, corn (canned), green beans, jicama, mushrooms, mustard/collard greens, okra, peas (green), peppers, summer squash/zucchini, water chestnuts (canned)
  • Look for unsalted or low-sodium canned vegetables. If unavailable, rinse vegetables canned with salt.


Consider freezing fresh meats to increase shelf-life, or buy canned or frozen products. Avoid cured and highly processed meats. Buy lower sodium products if available.

  • Beef, chicken, lamb, pork, turkey
  • Eggs or egg whites, low-cholesterol egg product
  • Fish, canned salmon or tuna
  • Peanut butter
  • Tofu 


  • Apple butter, jelly, jam, syrup, honey
  • Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, Miracle Whip®, low-sodium salad dressing
  • Sweeteners, creamers
  • Butter, margarine, cream cheese, sour cream
  • Vegetable oil


Freeze bread to increase shelf-life.

  • Bagels, bread (except bran), bread sticks (plain), crackers (unsalted tops or “reduced sodium”)
  • Dinner rolls, English muffins, flour tortilla (6 inch), hamburger or hot dog buns, matzo, Melba toast, muffin (small; no bran or nuts), oyster crackers, pita bread
  • Couscous, noodles, pasta, macaroni, rice (white or wild)
  • Dry cereals (check with your dietitian for kidney-friendly products)
  • Cooked cereals: grits, cream of rice, cream of wheat


Use caution with desserts that contain chocolate, caramel and nuts. If you have diabetes, limit or avoid high-sugar items.

  • Candy corn, chewing gum, cinnamon drops, cotton candy, gelatin, gum drops, gummy bears, hard candy, lollipops, marshmallows
  • Cakes (butter, lemon, pound, spice, strawberry, white, yellow)
  • Cookies (animal crackers, shortbread, sugar cookies, vanilla wafers, graham crackers (original), Newtons® (strawberry, apple, blueberry), Rice Krispy® bars
  • Doughnuts (cake or raised, sugar or glazed), sweet rolls
  • Fruit ice, sherbet, frozen dessert topping
  • Pie (apple, cherry, blueberry, peach, lemon)
  • Popcorn (unsalted or reduced sodium), pretzels (unsalted or reduced sodium), rice cakes, butter crackers (low sodium)


  • Napkins, paper towels, toilet paper
  • Soap or alcohol-based hand wash, hand sanitizer
  • Household chlorine bleach/cleansing agents
  • Thermometer
  • Surgical masks, sterile gloves
  • First aid kit
  • Photocopies of dialysis information
  • Diabetes supplies (if applicable)
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Two-week supply of medications

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This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Consult your physician and dietitian regarding your specific diagnosis, treatment, diet and health questions.


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